Why Use Frauc? Part I: Safety features.

June 30, 2014 at 12:38pm
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There are a few features that set us apart from other sites; this post focuses on our safety features. An account is not needed to search, but to partake in transactions you will need one. We try to remove as much of the ambiguity of who you are dealing with.

Some of the account features:

Message board: where you communicate privately with another user. Use it to set up a meeting spot or to ask a question you don't want seen by all users.

Ratings: Users rate each other and give feedback. You can see how active they are on Frauc and if they're someone you'd want to do business with. Note: You may rate each user just once (modification of rating allowed), and they are permitted to respond to your rating once (updates allowed).

Flags: Used with discretion, flags allow Frauc to make sure everyone is playing in the sandbox nicely. Flagging can be done from an item page.