Why Use Frauc? Part II: Convenience features.

November 13, 2014 at 8:47am
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By Leah

Some classified sites alert you to queries via your personal email. We streamlined the process to keep all offers and questions in one place- eliminating the need to respond to individual queries. Here's how it works (check out our helpful image):

1. Users ask questions on the page of a post (questions are viewed by all)- located below the item images. Users may "rate up" a question, to show support of the question.

2. All offers on an item are also hosted on the item's page and viewed by all people-located to the right of the item images. You will notice a tally on how many offers are on an item, as well as how many people have viewed the item.

3. "Watch an item" allows you to keep tabs on an item you are interested in, without making an offer.

These features alleviate answering the same question over and over again, the back and forth with multiple interested parties, and having your personal email bombarded. Hey, we like to keep things in one place...it's just easier that way. You will also be notified of new activity on your Frauc homepage.

A little shout out to the "share" button on each item page- a quick way to clue your spouse, roommate or mom on a cool item. We know, we are on a roll!