Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is is a local, free auction, sale and classified site.

2. Is free?

Yep, won’t cost you a dime.

3. Why do I need an account to post?

Accounts allow users to rate and message each other- creating more safety, convenience, and accountability.

4. How does make money?

We don’t, classifieds are our passion.

5. What am I allowed to post on

Please refer to the prohibited items page: Prohibited Posts.

6. Why is there no paypal set up?

Because this is a local-focused site, online transactions are unnecessary.

7. How does the messaging service work?

The messaging platform is a private conversation between two Frauc’rs, where they can communicate regarding posts. To message a Frauc’r, click on “Message this user” at the top of an item you are interested in or you can click on "Message (user)" from their member page. The 'Messages' tab will take you to all your personal messages from users.

8. How do I post?

You can create a post from your home page, or from the “create a post” tab. You must be logged in to your account to do this.

9. How do I repost?

Go to your “Items” tab, and find the item you would like to re-post in the column. Click “repost”.

10. How do I edit/delete?

Go to your ITEMS tab, and find the item you would like to alter, click the appropriate button.

11. What does the visible/hidden button do?

This button hides your post from showing up on searches. If another user has a link to it, they may view it, but they may not bid on it.

12. How do I include a picture?

At the initial creation of a post, you will have the option to upload up to 5 images. You may also add/delete pictures if you are editing your post.

13. What are flags?

Flags are a tool for users to inform the site that a post/user may be in violation of terms of use.

14. Why was my post deleted?

Your post may have been deleted because it had been flagged, and was found to be in violation. Or because it was past the time allowed on the site.

15. How do I search?

Use the search bar at the top of every page to look for items.

16. How often can I post/repost?

You can repost every 2 days. There is no limit on how many items you can post.

17. Does my post expire?

Yes. After 30 days.

18. Can I post anonymously?

No. Our site requires an account to post items.

19. How do I create an account?

Enter your email, choose a password, and you are ready to Frauc! Click here to register!

20. Can I use urls in my post?

Links will not be available through the post.

21. When can/should I flag a user/post?

If you deem inappropriate. Flagged content will be reviewed by